The Ultimate Guide: Campervan Gadgets

Campervan Gadgets

Owning a campervan can give you a kind of freedom that you simply can’t get from anything else. The world is your oyster, and you can travel to see all of those places you used to dream of. It’s always good to make the camping experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, and to do this, you might want to make the most of some of the best campervan gadgets that the market has to offer. We have put together a great selection of these, and you are sure to want to book your next trip so that you can try them out.

Making sure your van is nice and level when you set up isn’t always easy, and a lot of the time you don’t realise that you’re not quite level until you go to bed and can’t seem to get comfortable. This reasonably priced little gadget can help with this a lot, making sure you get it right first time.

Keeping things safe in your campervan isn’t always easy, but this safe is designed to look like a book, meaning that if anyone does manage to get into your van, they will probably overlook this as something that they’re not interested in. This is a really good place to leave your valuables if you want to go out for the day and are nervous about leaving your van unattended.

There are lots of reasons you might need to go out at night when camping, including that late night trip to the shower block, or even just because you fancy a bit of fresh air. Carrying a torch can be annoying, and this beanie hat with built in head torch could be the solution. It can help to light your way while being warm and comfortable at the same time, so this could certainly be a great investment into your next camping trip.


Space is precious when camping, which means you won’t want to be taking anything with you that takes up too much room. Washing up is of course something that must be done, and this collapsible washing up bowl can be a blessing. It means that it can be stored flat when not in use, while being immediately ready whenever there’s washing up to be done. This means it’s super handy, and saves you having to traipse to communal washing up areas every time you’ve had a meal.

Some campervans will have their own toilet, but not all of them do. Although many sites have toilet blocks, you might not always want to go to them at night, and you may also want the freedom of being able to camp wherever you like, and not just on official camping sites. This portable camping toilet can be a great solution, as it can be set up wherever you are. It is stable and easy to empty, meaning that you now have even more freedom with regards to where you can camp than ever before.


Nothing can make you more uncomfortable when camping than extreme weather – no matter whether that’s hot or cold. Although campervans do normally have a heating system, they’re not always particularly effective, which is why it can be great to have a bit of a boost. This system can set to both hot and cold, and can stand vertically or sit horizontally, giving you the option to fit it in wherever it’s needed. This is also a great gadget if you like to have an awning set up, too, as it can help to keep it at a comfortable temperature.

Keeping your campervan safe and secure should of course be right up there on your list of priorities, as there is a lot of value both in your van and its contents. This alarm system can be great, as it responds to vibrations, meaning that it will activate if somebody attempts to enter your van while you’re out. This is good to raise the alarm whether you’re on a site or if your van is in storage, giving you the peace of mind that it is always safe.

Breakfast can be one of the most enjoyable meals when camping, but it’s always good to make the preparation a bit easier if you can. This camp stove toaster is capable of toasting four slices at the same time, meaning you can quickly get the toast you want, and then pop a bit more on while you’re enjoying your food. This is great if you like to have a steady supply of toast to keep everyone happy at breakfast time while you’re camping.

If you have kids, you’ll know just how much they like to take with them when you go camping. You may often get annoyed at the amount of clutter this can cause, however with these car seat organisers, your mind can be rested. There are multiple pockets for them to keep everything that they need safe and tidy. Not only can this help to avoid mess, but it also means that they will be kept quietly occupied during the journey, too, and any parent will know that this is a great investment!

Enjoying the great outdoors sometimes comes with its challenges, and being able to see after dark is one of them. These collapsible lanterns are a great solution, as they can be charged via USB and stored flat, leaving them ready to be used when you need to go out. It saves having to make sure you always have batteries, and thanks to the folding function you don’t need to worry about space, either. These are great both from a safety perspective and a practical one.


Power can sometimes be an issue when camping, but this portable solar panel can help you to get a little extra power for free. This means that if you’re planning to spend time off-grid, you will be able to charge a 12v battery with this panel, giving you power for the essential things that are needed during camping. This can be incredibly useful, and of course it’s environmentally friendly to use solar power too, so this is certainly a win win purchase.

One of the things that can sometimes be a bit difficult while camping is bathing. Although there are showers available at some camp sites, this certainly isn’t true for all of them, and you may find that this could change your camping experience for the better. This can be plugged in whenever you need it, and can be recharged by using the built in battery. You can either use this in the bathroom in your van, or outside of the van if you have access to water. This means that you’re never without a shower if you need one, and if you’re a lover of getting out and about in the great outdoors when camping, you’ll know that this is certainly something to be celebrated!