Vanlife Female Hygiene

Vanlife Female Hygiene

Yeah, vanlife is fun but have you ever thought of not having a washroom? A female on the road goes through a lot of things that an average man does not.  Females have their time of the month and they have to shave as well. This article will reflect on how females can stay hygienic while living in a van, also short natural beauty tips will be provided so all the women can take care of their skin and hair while enjoying the bumpy roads. Follow our advice to keep yourself clean and happy during your vanlife.

This is the first thing we should discuss while talking about female hygiene. All women love to take hot showers because they want to smell good and have clean and shiny hair. If you don’t have a shower in your washroom then don’t worry, there are other ways to take shower. You can easily find showers while living on the road and also free ones. If you can’t find public bathrooms, then you can buy solar showers as well. Just go near a quiet place and wash yourself up.

If you are using solar showers, then please buy biodegradable shampoos and soaps so you can keep your beautiful planet safe. If you want to have clean and soft skin, then exfoliate your skin regularly in the shower. You can’t buy expensive exfoliating products, so the best thing is to make a DIY sugar scrub. Take a jar and add an equal amount of coffee and sugar, whenever you want to use it then you can use coconut oil and exfoliate your body.

2- Toilet

If you don’t have a toilet in the van, then you can either pee in an area where there is not a single person outside and use wipes or a water bottle to clean yourself. If you are lazy enough to go outside to pee, then the best thing is to use She-Wee. It is a funnel shaped gadget that let you pee standing up in the bottle and then you can throw the bottle when it is filled up. She-Wee isn’t easy to use the first time but you will learn how to use it in a day or two.

3- Wipes

Women can suffer from yeast infections or can have UTIs, so it is best to use feminine wipes. Feminine wipes will keep you fresh for a longer period of time and they will protect you from bacteria and yeast infections. Feminine wipes will also come in handy when you can’t take a shower and want to feel fresh. Just wipe your body with the wipes and you will be fine.

4- Dry Shampoo

Can’t shampoo your hair twice a week? No worries, you can use dry shampoo easily. Just use it on your roots whenever you feel your hair is greasy and your hair will thank you. If you can’t use dry shampoo, then you can cornstarch powder or baby powder to freshen your roots. After all, you can’t take selfies in greasy hair as hair is 90% of your selfie.

5- Menstrual Cup

Ahh, this is one of the most essential things and you simply can’t spend your vanlife without it. If you have a heavy flow, then menstrual cups can become your best friend as they are very comfortable, and you don’t have to change them frequently like tampons or sanitary pads. Menstrual cups will surely provide you comfort and happiness while you are pmsing.

6- Shaving

Another issue of being a woman is we have to shave frequently as our hair grows back so quickly. Just buy a packet of disposable razors with you and shave your legs, arms, underarms, and bikini area. If you don’t have shaving creams, then you can use coconut oil or regular conditioner for shaving.

7- Beauty Products

Can’t live without lotions? so can we. It is very difficult to manage beauty products because you never know when your favorite bottle will get empty. Also, you can never guess which town or city in your way will have the same beauty products. If your favorite moisturizer is finished then you can use coconut oil for your skin, if you don’t have a sunscreen then you can use lavender oil as an alternative. You can also use coconut oil as a lip balm. So, if you can’t find your favorite beauty product then go to the kitchen and find an alternative.

8- 2 in 1 Products

We have already discussed that it is quite difficult to stock up products in a van, but we can tell you a solution for this. Buy (2 in 1) or (3 in 1) products so you can make the most of your van life. Buy those shampoos that will condition your hair as well, also buy those face washes that will moisturize your face, so you don’t have to moisturize your face after washing it.

9- Manicure and Pedicure Alternative

You are gonna miss manicure and pedicure services the most, but don’t think that your feet or your hands can’t remain clean anymore. If you have a bucket, then just fill it with hot water and put both your hands and feet at the same time. Relax for 20 mins and then take a soap or body wash and apply it on your hands and feet and use a pedicure brush and enjoy the results!

10- Natural Deodorant

It is quite hard to keep deodorants in a van, one sudden break and your bottles can break. Deodorants are also very expensive, and they don’t last that long. You can easily buy a natural deodorant from any health store. It is known as Potash Alum and is an unscented natural deodorant and one stone will last a year.

Vanlife is really fun when you feel clean and comfortable. If you know other suggestions or hacks to keep vanlife hygienic or fun, then please comment down below