9 Best Festivals in the UK to go to in a Campervan

For many, partying to the sounds of your favourite musicians is a marvellous weekend in and of itself; but doing so while staying in the luxury of your own DIY mobile home, allows for a whole other experience. The combination of live music and cosy campervans has been a tradition since the 60’s, ever since the hippies turned up at Woodstock with their classic VW’s. But the modern-day festival is very different to that of one almost 60 years ago. There are rules and regulations, a wave of new music, and many other things to consider when choosing the best festival to attend for a memorable adventure. So, here is the definitive list to the top 9 festivals to go to in a campervan.

9. Reading Festival

Reading, famous for its alternative music line-up, is one of the most infamous events on this list. Although it might have an impressive collection of artists, it notorious for its procession of teenagers that come through every year. This can put off a lot of people, as the rowdiness and raging hormones can be a recipe for disaster; especially if you prefer a slightly more relaxed weekend. Although, if you don’t mind being around a more energetic crowd then it might not be so bad. Campervan facilities aren’t too far from the main event area, and spaces are sizable and allow for scrumptious BBQ’s in the summer sun.

8. Leeds Festival

Similar to Reading, Leeds is also popular amongst the younger generation, but has a slightly better reputation when it comes to anti-social behaviour. Leeds also is a platform for indie rock, pop, and metal bands, which isn’t for everyone, but if that’s your thing, then I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. In terms of the campervan spaces, they’re very similar to Reading once again. However, there is no water or electricity hook available on each plot. But there is a water point and waste tank in the campsite for general use, so unless you have a built-in system for your own campervan, expect to be sharing your toilet facilities with a few rowdy guests who might’ve had too much to drink.

7. Latitude Festival

Latitude is one of the more most accommodating events in the list, as it caters for a lot of different music tastes. With everything from Pop and Rock, to Indie and Folk, Latitude is popular with families and a slightly older crowd, while also drawing in the attention of some younger listeners. Latitude is also set deep within the English countryside, which offers more of a unique setting than most of the other festivals on the list. The lots for the campervans are quite popular due to the environment of Latitude, which means there is a high demand for tickets the moment they go on sale. If you want to secure your place at Latitude for your campervan, make sure you’re refreshing that homepage as soon as they go on sale. In terms of facilities on offer, there is again, no water tank or electricity hook, so make sure your toilet facilities are already on board.

6. Wilderness Festival

By far the most nonchalant venue on the list, Wilderness is a festival for the more timid and relaxed people out there. The music compliments this accordingly, with a more acoustic and mellow feel, mixed in with some upbeat pop. While it may seem a bit upper class, Wilderness attracts people from all over the UK. It’s stunning Oxfordshire setting offers a sense of tranquillity that seems odd when attending a typical music festival. Wilderness, despite being campervan friendly, is tight for space when it comes to the area for setting up your mobile home, especially if you want to set up tents and awnings. If they don’t quite fit, expect to pay a reasonable fee to set them up in some extra space.

5. Kendall Calling

Being popular with the some of the most prolific indie rock and pop bands from across the world, Kendall Calling, similar to Latitude, is suitable for everyone, no matter age or taste. Situated in the heart of the Lake District, its scenic setting is tremendously cosy, and worth setting up your mobile home in. There are two sections for campervans, with one being placed slightly further away from the main stage. This is much better suited to those who want a bit more peace and quiet in the evenings, wishing to unwind for another full day of sunshine and music. Kendall is also heavily environmentally friendly with compost toilets, a water point, and chemical disposal point for tanks used for BBQ’s. However, they only allow converted vehicles if they have either fitted cooking or washing facilities, so bear that in mind if you don’t have a built-in bathroom.

4. Download Festival

Globally recognised as one of the best festivals for all things Rock, Metal, and Grunge, Download is the most distinctive festival on the list. The atmosphere is completely unique; certainly not for the bashful type. Download rocks out in Derby’s Donington Park, hosting some of the biggest names in Rock in the last half-a-century. The standard campervan pass gives you access to a pitch measuring 9 metres by 7 metres, making it the largest lot of any festival on the list for the standard offer. Unlike many other festivals, Download does have electrical hook-ups. It seems as if the facilities at Download, are some of the best you’ll find in any festival across the UK.

3. TRNSMT Festival

Located on the luscious Glasgow Greens, TRNSMT has one of the UK’s most popular festivals in recent years. Iconic for its incredible performances from the worlds most renowned rock and indie pop bands, TRNSMT is perfect for those who just want to do a bit of head banging to some bullish tunes. Being located only miles away from the city centre, the whole of Glasgow is just a short trip away, which is perfect for a weekend trip. While there are no pitches directly on site, TRNSMT partners with the local Red Deer Village Holiday Park, the perfect spot to set up your campervan with only a short walk to and from the 5 main stages.

2. Glastonbury Festival

Possibly one of the greatest music festivals on the planet, Glastonbury offers an unforgettable weekend that will prove to be one of the happiest trips of your life. With the largest variety of music available, including: Pop, Rock, Rap, Indie, Folk, Country, etc; Glastonbury attracts the biggest names in the music industry from all corners of the globe. With acts gong into the middle of the night, you’ll have next to no time to relax, but then again, why would you want to chill out at Glastonbury?!? As well as the music, Glastonbury is also popular because of its spectacular attractions such as it’s circus’ and comedic acts. The only problem with Glastonbury is that it’s so damn popular! Tickets go completely sold out with 30 minutes, making it almost impossible to secure a place unless you have hundreds of pounds just laying about. This of course applies to the campervan pitches. It’s only for this reason that Glastonbury makes the No2 spot.

1. The Isle of Wight Festival

Alongside the aforementioned Glastonbury, The Isle of Wight Festival proves to be one of the most popular events in music across the Globe. You can take everything said about Glastonbury and apply it to the IoW Festival. Spanning across all genres of music, IoW appeals to everyone and is not one to be missed. Although still extremely popular, you’ll have a slightly better chance of scoring tickets to the IoW Festival rather than Glastonbury. The IoW offers plenty of space to park your campervan for a reasonable price, with all the facilities you’d expect. Apart from that, there’s not much else that needs to be said. The reputation of IoW speaks for itself…