What is the Best Toilet Box to get for my Campervan?

Campervan Portable Toilet Guide

Camping is all fun and games until you get nature’s call in nature. While you may be mentally prepared to take a poop in the wild, the experience could still be uncomfortable if you don’t have any portable toilet box with you.

As the name suggests, portable toilets are self-contained mobile toilets-in-a-box, which means they can be moved according to your intended use. If you are a camping enthusiast or a van-lifer, then you may know how important it is to live a minimalistic life. While the toilet is a basic necessity, installing a full-fledged toilet in a campervan can cost you a considerable amount. Why not opt for a toilet box that is not just budget-friendly but is easy to manage too.

There are other numerous benefits of portable campervan toilet box. Let’s have a look at some:

Easy waste disposal:

The biggest snag of toilets installed in campervans is that you’ll have to move the whole to the van when you need to dump the waste. With a campervan toilet box, all you need to do is pick up a small waste tank and empty the debris into the nearest dump station or bathroom.

Take it where you want:

If you want to change your van, you’ll probably have to lose your van-mounted toilet too. However, portable toilet boxes can be your loyal companions. You can take them wherever you want. Imagine taking a dump near a beautiful landscape, now that’s a loo with a view.

Easy on the pocket:

The camping toilets can be surprisingly expensive if you’ll go for mounted ones or install a built-in toilet. The campervan toilet boxes are a much cheaper option.

Disadvantages of campervan toilet boxes:

There are few niggling points about the campervan toilet boxes you should also know before investing in one.

Occupies space:

When you are off-grid, you must carry essentials only because even the tiniest of the campervan spaces are important. The biggest drawback of toilet boxes that they take up a lot of living space.

The faff of dumping the waste:

If you use chemical toilet boxes, you will have to find a particular spot to dispose of the waste. The other non-chemical way requires you to find a dumping place frequently because the building smell let you breathe in your campervan.

Best Campervan toilet boxes:

With so many in the market and everyone claiming to be the best loo box, it is easy to get confused. We have rounded up a list of the best campervan toilet boxes so that you can take the best dump even when you are off-grid.

Our Top Portable Toilet Picks from Amazon:

Top Pick Portable Toilet :

Aqua - Magic Toilet Pedal Flush More Information:

If you are looking for the classic homely style toilet box, Aqua-magic is the perfect pick. You will feel like you are taking a poop at home because of how comfortable this toilet box is. With the taller seating height, you don’t have to crouch down to take a relaxing dump.


Carrying a toilet box is undoubtedly an unpleasant task, and if it is heavy, it will add a snag to it. Aqua-Magic weighs only 9.4 pounds making this portable toilet is easy to lift and carry around.

Sturdy and durable:

Despite being light weighed, Aqua-Magic is made up of high-quality plastic, making this toilet box durable and sturdy. 

Comfortable to use:

The high-seating feature makes this toilet box comfortable to use, especially for the kids and older ones who require comfortable seating to empty their bowels.

Features and specifications:

The shape and style is classic commode type.

The textured lid that sheds water helps get rid of the scruffs.

This portable toilet-in-a-box has a single-handle flush system that means you’ll have to press the handle half-way to add the water into the bowl (100% bowl coverage) and to the flush.

With easy to install features, this portable toilet won’t give you a tough time while handling it.

It comes with a flange seal, closet flange, and nuts and bolts for a secure installation.

To reduce water consumption, it also comes with a hand sprayer.



Easy to install and easy to handle

Powerful flush

Easy to clean the residue off

Shallow bowl and high-seating


Some tinkering may be required in the flush valve.

Flimsy lid

Bowl does not hold water.

Product Review:

Durable, comfortable, and sturdy, what else one would want in a campervan toilet box? Aqua-Magic provides the best value for money.

Top Pick Portable Toilet :

SereneLife’s portable potty is practically designed, and the ergonomic boxed structure makes it stands out among the rest. The recess and grooves for latches and handholds make adding points to the overall design of this portable toilet. With every useful feature present in other good quality toilet boxes, the SereneLife Portable box is not heavy on the budget either.

Easy to maintain and clean:

The most uncomfortable part of owning a toilet box is the cleaning of it. SereneLife comes with a three-directional flushing feature that will leave your potty box squeaky clean in no time. The high-pressure water jet coming from a pump takes away all the residues in a single flush.

The waste dumping is made trouble-free by the rotating pour-out spout feature.

Sturdy structure:

Your portable toilet has to be durable if it wants to endure the harsh outdoors. SereneLIfe designed a product that complies with the durability standards. The high-density polythene material used makes this portable toilet corrosion-free and easy to clean.

Carrying case:

Now, this feature of SerneLife’s portable toilet is a life-saver. Carrying case makes it super easy to travel with also convenient to move around.

Features and specifications:

With a giant water holding tank (5.3 gallons), you don’t have to worry about emptying it time and over again. The water level indicator tells you when it’s the time to dump the waste.

Splashing free spout makes sure you empty it without getting anything sprayed onto yourself (the reason why this is my most favorite).

It doesn’t retain the awful smell thanks to the odor-resistant material used.


Includes a carrying case

Has a giant tank

Made up of durable material

Disassembles quickly, and the parts seal together firmly when installed together.


The pump may leak after some time.

The emptying spout is located on the top, which can make emptying a hassle for some.

The seat is small, and big individuals may not fit.

Product verdict:

Piston and the no-splashing spout can be the reasons enough to invest I SerneLife’s portable toilet box.  The well-built body and durable material used can make this your camping companion for a long time.

Top Pick Portable Toilet :

Thetford is a well-known name among portable toilet and camping essentials manufacturers, so you know a product coming from a trusted name is worth the hype. Not only does Thetford produces products that are of high quality but makes sure that environmentally safe too.

Functional yet sophisticated design:

The basic design is simple. Thetford Porta Potti 92306 consists of two compartments. The above one is the sitting area, while the lower part is where the dump is flushed. This portable toilet is easy to move, and so is the removal of residues.


Yes, you read it right! The flushing system is operated by 6AA batteries to flush the residue into the lower chamber using the water flow.

Smart water level indicator:

The water level indicator turns red when it’s time to empty the tank.

Simple cleaning and maintenance:

To keep the toilet in good shape, it is must empty and clean at least twice a week. With a rotating pour-out spot, the emptying is easy and convenient.

Odorless and leak proof:

The sealed valve helps leakage prevention, and it also traps smell that otherwise would make your campervan space stinky.

East-to-access inlets and a hidden toilet paper holder:

With additional features like easy to reach water inlets and a toilet paper holder, Porta Potti 92306 is hands down the most convenient portable campervan toilet to date.

Features and specifications:

The sleek yet ergonomic design makes Porta Potti 92306 easy to use.

A Battery-operated flushing system is convenient to use and works effectively.

A wholly sealed reservoir prevents leakage and traps smells.

The optional hold-down kit keeps the portable toilet in place, making it easy to use while the van is on the road.


Perfect design and ideal height

Battery-operated easy manual flush

High space holding tanks (4-gallon freshwater storage and 5.5-gallon waste tank.)


Although optional to buy but hold down kit may be necessary to keep it in place.

Not so budget-friendly

Product Verdict:

Porta Potti is already the game leader in the market. The battery-operated pump makes it a favorite for techie campers.

Top Pick Portable Toilet :

If you are a camping enthusiast or a travel junkie, you have been using Thetford’s one of the products for sure. Porta Potti 135 is one of Thetford’s portable toilet models, and just like other Thetford’s models speaks durability. Porta Potti 135 has proved to be one of the most versatile toilets available in the market.

Easy on the pocket:

If you are looking for a campervan portable toilet that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and works just as efficiently as expensive ones, this portable toilet is the best choice.

Compact size and durable structure:

The size is compact, and the body frame is durable, making the portable toilet the top choice for most campers and van lifers.

Ergonomic carrying handle:

If your portable toilet handle is flimsy, then moving around the heavy toilet box can be such a pain. The ergonomic carrying handle makes Thetford Porta Potti 135 easy to carry around. 

Features and Specifications:

The small size (12*13*14 inches) and compact design can sit in the little corner of your campervan.

The emptying is mess-free with rotating pour-out sprout.

The upper lid keeps the contents of the box secured inside while carrying it around.

The holding tank is great is holding odor and not let it escape outside the tank.


Extremely sturdy and durable

Comfortable seat

Ergonomic carrying handles

Sealed valve to prevent leakage


Small size, not suitable for big and tall individuals

Do not hold much amount of water and waste.

Product verdict:

If you camp or travel solo, then this portable campervan toilet box can be your excellent travel companion. It is durable, light-weighted, and leak-proof, making it an ideal toilet box for small people, but I’d suggest you stay away if you are tall and big because you won’t probably fit into its seat then.

Top Pick Portable Toilet :

If you are looking for a small, practical, and sophisticated toilet even while you’re off-grid, your search is complete with Zimmer Portable Camping toilet. This portable poo box is neatly packed and sealed, which means no leakage and splashing even while you’re emptying your bowel in a moving van.

High-capacity holding tanks:

With a holding capacity of 5-gallon waste and 3.5 gallons of freshwater, Zimmer relieves you from filling and emptying chore time and again. You can easily have 70 flushes before refilling and disposal of the waste.

Easy emptying and refilling:

With easy-to-remove side latches, you can detach the upper and lower portion easily. With removable caps, the emptying of waste won’t be that much of a nuisance.

Solid and sturdy:

Made up of high-quality polythene, the frame of this portable toilet box is sturdy enough to endure the roughness of the wild. However, this sturdiness comes with a snag of it being heavy (10 pounds), and carrying it around, maybe a little inconvenient.

Features and specifications:

Zimmer portable toilet box comprises a bellow pump that flushes the residue in no time.

The seat is full-sized and comes with a lid making it a comfortable choice for both kids and adults.

Side handles can assist you in easy transportation.

The high-capacity water holding tanks provide almost 70 flushes. 

The side-valve traps pungent odor inside, and the water-tight seal prevents leakage.


Separate tank and seat compartments

Solid construction

Efficient pump


Flimsy lid


Product verdict:

Solid, sturdy, and heavy-duty Zimmer portable toilet box can last you a long time. Comfortable seating and lid make it’s the right choice for family camping trips.

Top Pick Portable Toilet :

The problem with most of the outdoor portable toilet boxes is the short height of them. You’ll have to crouch down to get the poo task done, but that is not comfortable.  This problem is solved with Alpcour’s portable toilet box.

Perfect height:

The 16-inch height of the Alpcour portable toilet box gives you the toileting experience similar to your home because the standard size of most of the washroom’s commode is around 15 inches.

Quick clean:

This toilet box produces 60-degree water spray that cleans reside in the bowl in an instant. The best part is the flushing system does not require batteries or additional hook-ups.

Convenient and robust design:

For optimal portability, this toilet box comes with a carrying bag. The structure is durable and well built. It can withstand a whopping 440 pounds making it a perfect choice for bulky campers.

Refill indicator:

You will be notified by an indicator when it’s time to refill the tank so that you don’t have to worry about checking the tank over and over again before using it.

Features and specifications:

3.2-gallon waste tank and 5-gallon water storage tank gives good flushes.

The built-in piston pumps require no batteries or hook-ups for efficient flushing.

360-degree water spray cleans every nook and corner of the bowl.

It is made up of durable and robust material, which also minimizes the escape of an unpleasant odor.

Alpcoup comes with a carry bag making it is easy to transport.

The rotating disposal spout makes emptying mess-free.


Well-elevated and comfortable seat

Efficient piston-pump flushing

Hygienic and quick clean-up


Expensive than others in the market

To clean the waste, completely you may require a little water cleaning as the waste may remain inside while disposing of it out.

Product verdict:

If you want close to home toileting experience, then the Alpcour toilet box is the one for you. With so many conveniences like efficient pumping and flushing system makes it worthy of the price it is being sold at.