What is the Best Outdoor Shower for my Campervan?

Camping trips are always a great experience, but if you are a clean freak like me, then all the dirt and grit can be a major turn-off. Cleaning yourself when you are on the go is a laborious task because you will have to find a gym with a shower every time, and the other option is jumping right into the cold lake (yikes!). However, if both these options sound convenient and unsuitable, then you can invest in an outdoor potable campervan shower.

One of the main concerns, when you are on the road for a considerable amount of time, is how to take care of your hygiene needs. Whether you are an experienced traveler or plan occasional camping trips, or you have chosen to live a van life, you need to take off all the dirt and sweat off every once in a while. This is where the outdoor campervan showers come to your rescue.

You may ask why not have a bathroom built-in your campervan so that you can shower anytime you want. As convenient as it sounds, the built-in shower rooms are not-so-convenient to manage. They take up a whole lot of space and not to mention the amount of money you’ll have to invest in installing one.

For those who choose to camp with family, these outdoor campervan showers are a lifesaver because let’s face it, outdoor family trips mean a lot of mess to handle, especially when you have kids along.

You may need to freshen yourself every once in a while if you do not require frequent shower breaks for the traveling enthusiasts. While searching for a gym and public restrooms where you can shower can be annoying, you can choose the convenient option –  Just set up your outdoor shower and get yourself cleaned anywhere.

If you are considering buying one, why not look at some outdoor shower types so that you know what kind you exactly need.

Solar Shower Bag:

The best of this outdoor shower is the handiness of it. All you must do is fill up the shower bag with water, leave it under the sun to get the water heated, and you are good to go. You don’t need to invest in any extra setup to get it working. However, you might need to heat the water on the stove if you are traveling in areas that are not sunny.


  • This shower is the cheapest option among the outdoor showers.
  • The installation and use are so comfortable that you don’t have to think twice about a quick shower break.
  • The bag is easy to get emptied and stores in very little space.


  • You will need to hang it higher than your height; otherwise, you will have to crouch down, which will not feel very comfortable.
  • The bag is made of not very strong material. Therefore, it can leak easily.
  • The lifespan is very short.

Pressure solar shower:

The leading edge that the solar pressure shower on the solar shower bag is that you don’t have to hang it to a higher place, unlike the bag shower. This shower generally comes with a foot pump to get adequate pressure to give you continuous flow. The installation is ground-based, so don’t forget to put something underneath it to prevent puncturing. If you feel the tension is getting deflated while showering, pump few more times, and you’ll get the flow again.


  • Easy ground installation; you don’t have to lift it higher.
  • Easy to use
  • Takes little storage space


  • Is more expensive than the solar bag shower

Propane Shower:

If you wish to invest in a more luxurious option, this outdoor shower can be your best pick. The installation is a bit complex, but the installation’s initial pain is entirely worth it because then you’ll have the permanent solution of your heated shower. It requires a permanent gas and water connection. However, if you are willing to travel to areas where propane is hard to find, this outdoor shower is not the choice for you as it consumes a considerable amount of propane gas.


  • Get warm water instantly.


  • Requires a proper setup
  • You cannot move it around.
  • Requires continuous propane supply

Battery Operated Outdoor Showers

This outdoor shower is the most easily portable shower of them all. Since people love all things technical these days, there is no surprise why most of the campervans owners love this battery operated rechargeable outdoor shower. This shower occupies significantly less storage space since it consists only of a submersible pump and shower hose attachment.

The two main problems of the gravity-fed or solar pump shower are that either you’ll have to install the bag at a higher place or pump to keep the flow pressure steady. The battery-operated one solves both these inconveniences. All you are required to do is to toss the pump in a water source, and voila, enjoy a trouble-free showering with a decent water flow (approx. 2 liters per minute).


  • Easy on the pocket
  • Easy to handle
  • Decent water flow


  • You’ll have to heat the water yourself before dropping the pump if you want a warm bath.

Our Top Outdoor Shower Picks from Amazon:

Best Propane Outdoor Shower:

Camplux Outdoor Portable Propane Tankless Water Heater More Information:

  • If you are the one that needs heated showers even on the roads, then Camplux outdoor shower can be a worthy purchase for you. The shower is potable; that means it is easy to carry and easy to install.

    Instant water heating:

    No more waiting to get the shower while waiting for the water to get heated. Just turn on the pump and enjoy the warm cozy shower, even outdoors. You will get the warm water almost instantly.

    Low water pressure required:

    It won’t be wrong to say that this outdoor shower requires the lowest pressure startup to start working. Just 2.5 PSI of water pressure and get the best-heated shower while appreciating the outdoor views.

    Less energy consumption:

    Camplux provides 3.2 gallons of instant hot water. This saves energy as well as your time. Don’t you think this is the most convenient outdoor? I think so too!

    Features and specifications:

    Camplux Propane shower is CSA certified, which means you are guaranteed to receive the quality product.

    The shower temperature starts from is 46.4℉ (minimum raise) and provides up to 114.8℉ heated water temperature.

    The size is ideal for convenient outdoor installment. Similarly, it takes minimum storage space thanks to its compact size and folding handles.

    With advanced safety features like anti-freezing protection, flame failure device, overheat protection, oxygen depletion shut-off, Camplux is safe to use.

    You can regulate the temperature by adjusting the water flow and propane gas amount.

    Camplux uses 2 ‘D’ batteries as an ignition source.


    Low pressure required

    Extremely safe to use

    Easy to use control knobs

    Lightweight and easy to store

    Get warm and cozy to piping hot water almost instantly.


    Requires a hose hookup to get started

    You need to set the gasket before turning the gas on carefully.

    Product Verdict:

    The Camplux Portable outdoor shower can be easily termed as the best compact propane shower in the market. It’s easy to use and easy to install; you can get it working almost instantly by connecting it to a hose hook. You can regulate the temperature according to the way you like with easy to use regulating knobs. 

Best Rechargeable Outdoor Shower:

JAYETEC Portable Outdoor Shower Set More Information:

Whether you live a van life or arrange family or friends camping trips every once in a while, you would want to carry camping trip essentials like outdoor showers that are easy to use and occupy less space. Being easy to use and of the compact size make JAYETEC outdoor showers are a choice of many campers and van-lifers.

Easy and quick setup

The installment and use of this outdoor shower are pretty straightforward. Just charge the battery, connect the parts as directed, drop the suction end in the water source, and wash all the dirt and grime off you.

Decent pressure

The problem with some outdoor showers is the painfully slow water pressure coming out of the showerhead. Honestly, the whole essence of showering in the wild will be lost if you feel like squirted upon by a water gun (so annoying, right?). JAYETEC provides decent water pressure and constant water flow so that you can enjoy bathing without getting annoyed.

Great battery life

Once fully charged, the battery time works amazing and lasts quite a long time. This reduces the hassle of recharging over and over again.

Features and specifications

JAYETEC functions using a 4000mAH rechargeable battery. The battery works for more than an hour and is easily charged.

The connections are easy to set up, and the operation is a piece of cake.

Built-in LED lights help you shower easily even when it’s dark.

It comes with a hook and suction cup that saves you from the hassle of holding the sprayer head while showering.

It provides large water output (high stall 4L/min, low stall 3L/min).


Everything fits together easily.

Adequate pressure

Powerful battery


You’ll have to heat the water separately if you wish to have a warm shower.

Product Verdict:

This portable, easy to use, and compact outdoor shower can be your ideal choice; if you are not a fan of carrying large and heavy essentials when going on a camping trip. You do not have to carry propane tanks or any electric source to get it working as it works on rechargeable batteries.

Best Solar Powered Outdoor Shower:

RISEPRO Solar Shower Bag More Information:

If you are a travel enthusiast or like living a van life, then you may know that you’ll have to keep your essentials as minimalistic as possible. This is why RISEPRO solar shower is an ideal pick for when you want a simple heated shower that doesn’t occupy large storage space and works as good as the techie outdoor showers.

Solar-powered heating:

You do not require all the connecting and installing processes before going for a shower because the solar rays will do all the water. With an intelligent heat-absorbing design, the bag can heat the water to 110F in 3 hours under direct sunlight.

Extremely safe to use

One of the drawbacks of propane heated showers is that you can never be sure of its safety. However, with this shower-in-a-bag, you can shower without worrying about low propane supply or bursting of the shower itself (nightmare, I know).

Large capacity

I would be pretty annoyed if I had to fill the bag repeatedly for the shower. So, if you are like me, then this bag shower can be the ideal pick for you. The enormous bag can store up to 10 gallons of water and easily provide 5-6 shower sessions.

Features and specifications:

The bag is made up of extremely durable material; therefore, it is leak proof. Also, the material is safe for human use.

It can hold up to 10 gallons of water.

The black PVC material of the bag traps sunlight effectively.

No more guessing the temperature of the water and testing it every time. The built-in temperature sensor has got you sorted.

You can regulate the water flow just by adjusting the showerhead controlling knob.


Impeccable water flow depending upon the installation height.

Leak prop

Can hold whopping 10 gallons of water

Easy to assemble


The straps may not hold the bag if it is full.

The hose is not long enough.

Product Verdict:

RISEPRO does a decent job of providing warm showers and can hold a large amount of water so that you are relieved from the hassle of filling it and getting it heated every time before a shower. However, you will probably have to replace it after some time as it can get leaked with frequent use.

Best Battery Outdoor Shower:

Mr. Heater Shower System More Information:

Do you want a luxurious hot water bath even when you’re out in the wild? This is the product of choice for you then. The sturdy structure and elegant design make it a perfect match for your edgy taste. Mr. Heater works on propane source and uses 2 ‘D’ batteries for initial ignition.

Steady water flow:

With a flow rate of 6 gallons per minute, this shower provides the uninterrupted heavy water flow that you would feel like showering from your bathroom shower but in the wild.

Instant water heating

Like the other propane outdoor showers, this outdoor shower provides swift water heating and provides hot water on demand.

Safe and secure to use

This propane shower is awarded a CS security certificate; therefore, you do not have to worry about the shower getting malfunctioned and become hazardous to use.

Features and specifications

The kit includes a single outlet for connecting the showering head and a portable pump assembly.

Flow driven ignition makes sure you get the instant heated water.

With a decent flow rate of 6 gallons per minute, you will have a satisfying showering experience.

With fully charged 4 ‘D’ batteries, this shower can provide 40 minutes of uninterrupted flow.


Comes with a safety certificate

Heats water instantly

The digital temperature sensor helps you adjust the temperature according to your needs.


You may require to replace the batteries every once in a while.

Does not provide piping hot water but only lukewarm

Product Verdict:

Mr. Heater provides you the best value for money amongst the other propane showers. It’s easy on the pocket and easy to use. According to some reviewers, it eats up 2’D’ batteries, and you will have to replace them after some time of use. If you are looking for a propane shower in the budget, your search ends with this product.