15 Conversion Van Ideas To Maximize Space In Your Camper Van

Do you want to convert your van into a mobile home? Are you worried about wasting space on unnecessary furniture? If so, we have some ideas to make the process easier for you. Instagram is filled with cool van life posts that make the shift seem way easier than it actually is. They romanticize this […]

7 Tips for Saving Money While Living in a Van

Do you end up spending most of your salary on rent and electricity bills? Are you frustrated of having to forgo all your other priorities because you simply don’t have the resources for them? Have you considered living in a car to save money? Hundreds of thousands of people in the country have started living […]

Installing Solar Panels On a Camper Van: An Easy DIY Guide

Are you looking for an alternative energy source in your camper van and have come to the realization that there is no better place to look than solar energy? That’s a great realization to have and in this article, we will help you actualize this. You are going to learn exactly how to install solar […]

7 Steps to Turn Your Van into a Home

Converting your van into a home is not as difficult as it seems. With prudence and creativity, nothing is impossible. At least, you have a vehicle to start with. One of the best ways to get an idea of what it will take to convert your van into a home is guess what? By taking […]

12 Ways to Make Money with Your Cargo Van

Why just drive when you can drive and earn? If you’re looking for inspiration to make a living using ONLY your cargo van, you’re in the right place! When starting a business, we can put ideas off just by thinking about the huge amounts of money we need to spend on resources, but if you […]

Guide: Turn Your Van into a Home

Are you planning on living the van life? Nothing is more exciting for a campervan enthusiast than converting their van into a home. Effective preparation is essential when designing and building your own camper van from scratch. The last thing you’d want is a leaky, cold, and uncomfortable van for your road trips.  The cost […]

Vanlife Female Hygiene

Vanlife Female Hygiene

Yeah, vanlife is fun but have you ever thought of not having a washroom? A female on the road goes through a lot of things that an average man does not.  Females have their time of the month and they have to shave as well. This article will reflect on how females can stay hygienic […]

7 Best Accessories for Van Lifers

7 Best Accessories for Van Lifers

We’ve compiled 7 of the best accessories for van lifers. These choices have been made based on price, availability, functionality, and overall quality-of-life affects the products will have on the consumer. The products aren’t in particular order; this means the #1 ranked product isn’t necessarily the best. With that being said, let’s get stuck in…

What is the Best Heating System for My Campervan Conversion?

What is the Best Heating System for My Campervan Conversion?

Everyone who’s ever owned a camper van knows that your biggest enemy is the weather; Mother Nature doesn’t care about your little weekend getaway and won’t change those rain clouds to bright blue skies just for you. The same goes for temperature. No one wants to sleep outside on a cold winters’ night. But you […]

Should I buy a Generator for my Campervan?

Should I buy a Generator for my Campervan?

It is always fun to drive through different campsites and explore new places. But we live in a modern era where the things we use most are run by electricity, and they need a power supply to be recharged so they can be used properly. Be it your cell phone, iPad, laptop, or any other […]

Campervan Portable Toilet Guide

What is the Best Toilet Box to get for my Campervan?

Camping is all fun and games until you get nature’s call in nature. While you may be mentally prepared to take a poop in the wild, the experience could still be uncomfortable if you don’t have any portable toilet box with you. What is a portable toilet box, and why do you need it? As […]

What is the Best Outdoor Shower for my Campervan?

Camping trips are always a great experience, but if you are a clean freak like me, then all the dirt and grit can be a major turn-off. Cleaning yourself when you are on the go is a laborious task because you will have to find a gym with a shower every time, and the other […]

Do I need Air Conditioning in my Campervan?

If the winters are for heaters, then the summers are definitely for air-conditioners So, if you are ready to pack your bags to enjoy your summer vacations along the sea-coast, or are interested in camping but this time in your air-conditioned campervan you came to the right place! Why an Air Conditioned Campervan? It becomes […]

How to Fit and Install Windows in Your Campervan Conversion

So, you bought your panel van and the one of the first tasks on your “to-do” list should be to install side windows. Chances are you are probably reading this article weighing up if it’s a job you can do yourself or alternatively just pay someone else to do. The installation of windows to the […]

Selfbuild Campervan Vanlife Interview #1: Wild Roads Ahead

Wild Roads Ahead Image accordion Title Read More Image accordion Title Read More Image accordion Title Read More Recently, we had the opportunity to catch up with Angelique and Pascal from Wild Roads Ahead, who bought a VW LT 46 minibus and are currently in the process of converting it and documenting this process on […]

Tools for Campervan Build

6 Essential Tools You Need for A Successful Campervan Conversion

6 Essential Tools You Need for A Successful Campervan Conversion Welcome campers, we hope you’re staying safe out there – catching some rays where possible but doing your bit to stay in doors as much as you can. This article today is going to be covering camper van conversions, and specifically the tools you’ll need […]

Self Build Cmapervan Conversion

Simplified Step-By-Step Guide To Converting Any Van To A Camper

Simplified Step-by-Step Guide to Converting Any Van to a Camper If you’ve thought about converting a van into a camper, then you’re not alone. According to figures from the National Caravan Council (NCC), the motorhome/campervan sector is the fastest growing in the UK today, accounting for 14% of all vehicles. If you’re dreaming of the van […]

Going Off Grid : The Definitive Guide for Campervan Adventurers

Going Off Grid: The Definitive Guide for Camper-van Adventurers Today, we’re going to explore off-grid living, and specifically how our readers can prepare themselves to take the leap. The life of an off-grid camper is one of solitude, comfort and discovery, but we want to educate our reader as best as possible: you need to […]

Campervan Culture

Campervan Culture: The do’s and don’ts

Campervan Culture: The dos and don’ts Who doesn’t love a campervan! The freedom of being able to go where you want and stop where you like, do what you want… life on the open road is fun and in your campervan, it seems the world is your oyster! Whether you want to use your campervan […]

Salzburg Campervan

13 Incredible Places to Visit in Europe in your Campervan

13 incredible spots to visit in Europe in your Campervan When planning a European road-trip in our trusty campers, we try our very best not to think about the costs that will likely be stacking up. We may even pretend that hauling a large vehicle miles at a time across Europe, equipped with ad-hoc living […]

9 Reason to Convert your own Campervan

9 Reason You Should Convert Your Own Campervan

As summer gets closer and closer, there’s no doubt that it is the perfect time to think about getting involved with a project. If that project could help you to see the great outdoors then that’s all the better, and nothing fits this more perfectly than building your own campervan. If you’re not sure about […]

Campervan Insurance

Campervan Insurance: All You Need To Know

If you own a campervan, or are thinking about purchasing one at some point in the near future, you are likely to be excited about all of the adventures that you will be able to go on. However, there are lots of practical things that you will need to think about too, and one of […]

9 Best Festivals in the UK to go to in a Campervan

A trip full of booze, music, and sleeping in your own automobile… For many, partying to the sounds of your favourite musicians is a marvellous weekend in and of itself; but doing so while staying in the luxury of your own DIY mobile home, allows for a whole other experience. The combination of live music […]

Campervan Parking

Campervan Parking in the UK: The Ultimate Guide

A big question people often ask is ‘Where am I going to park at night?’. Well, fear not, as we will go through everything you need to know in this article, as well as highlight some great resources that are available. Caravan and Campervan Clubs First thing we would recommend is looking at a caravan […]

Campervan Beds

Campervan Beds: All You Need to Know

Camping can be a great experience for all concerned, however you will need to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible during your trip. With this in mind, it is a great idea to think carefully about the kind of bed you’d like to use as a part of your campervan setup. There are lots […]

Best Van to Convert to Camper UK

Best Van to Convert to a Campervan UK

Which model van is best suited to be transformed into a luxurious campervan? Have you ever wanted to go on an American road-trip? Maybe a tour around Europe? Or maybe just a weekend in Devon. Whatever your automobile ambitions are, I’m sure many of you have considered the ultimate form of transportation that retains the […]

Do's and Dont's of Campervan Conversion

The Do’s and Don’ts of Campervan Conversions

An Introduction to CamperVan Conversions So, you’ve selected the optimal van to transform into your dream campervan, but where do you go from here? Well there are many steps in a long list of tasks to complete when converting your van; this of course means there are many places where mistakes can be made when […]

How to Convert a Campervan

How to Convert a Campervan on a Small Budget and Fast

If you’re reading this then you’ve already decided that you’re going to make your own campervan, but you don’t want to break the bank to do it. Doing your own conversion can cost a bundle. Just a quick internet search will yield a tonne of results, and you’ll see that some folks out there spend […]

Campervan Gadgets

The Ultimate Guide: Campervan Gadgets

Owning a campervan can give you a kind of freedom that you simply can’t get from anything else. The world is your oyster, and you can travel to see all of those places you used to dream of. It’s always good to make the camping experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, and to do […]